Our Environment

Our unique and varied terrestrial & aquatic habitats are our
V.I. Natural Treasures.  The following is important information about Virgin Islands habitats & environments:

Everything we do affects our environment:

• How often & how far we drive our cars
• How we maintain our cars
• The products we buy and use
• What we throw away and how we throw it away
• How we build our houses
• What we do in our yards
• Even what we pour down our sinks or flush down
our toilets!

Our economy depends on the allure of our warm sunny climate, sandy beaches, clear, clean water and healthy reefs.

Our health depends on clean air and water and even the aesthetics (or beauty) of our surroundings:

• We depend on clean air, water, roads, beaches, seafood for our health, wealth & emotional well-being;
• We all enjoy the land & sea in some way: gardening, hiking, bathing, soaking, swimming, snorkeling, diving, sailing, fishing, even eating seafood!
We can all chip in to help protect & preserve our environment:
• minimize yard/land clearing & plant trees, bushes and other plants (especially native species);
• keep our cars tuned up & consolidate trips to save gas, money and time;
• buy products in bulk, buy products made from recycled materials & buy less-toxic household products;
• reduce, reuse & recycle;
• don’t pour toxic products down the drain or toilet or in the yard.

For more information on environmentally-friendly practices & products, contact EAST or the UVI Cooperative Extension Service or visit the Extension Service website.

Fishing Tips
Season Limits for Conch, Whelk and Lobster:

• Conch Season is OPEN from October 1 to June 30. Conch must be 9″ (22.5cm) long and landed in the shell.
• Whelk Season is OPEN from October 1 to March 30. Whelk must be larger than 2.5″ (6.25cm) to keep
• Caribbean Spiny Lobster may be taken at any time. Lobster must have a carapace length of at least 3.5″ (8.75cm). Females with eggs must be returned to the water
Note: Within the VI National Park, the limit for conch is two (2) per person, the limit for Whelk is one (1) gallon per person and the limit for Lobster is two (2) per person. You may not have more than two day’s limit in your possession.

Environmental Association of St. Thomas and St John