Our beaches are some of our most important assets and natural treasures. Magens Bay is famous as being listed on National Geographic’s list of the top 10 beaches in the world. Recently, another poll by Yahoo! Travel and National Geographic Traveler magazine listed St. Thomas and St. John beaches in the top 10 of favorite beaches in the United States (see August 14, 2003 St. Thomas Source© article).

Help use protect these valuable natural treasures of the Virgin Islands by following the recommendations listed below:

Use of beaches:
Many of our beaches are turtle nesting areas. Please do not disturb any nests found.

Dogs should be on a leash. Note: Dogs are not allowed on V.I. National Park Beaches.

Respect others rights and safety and sanitation needs “poop and scoop.”

“Take only pictures, Leave only footprints”: Please don’t leave any trash or debris on the beach – use trash cans or dumpsters, if available, or pack out your refuse.

Don’t drive on the beach — cars, trucks and other vehicles can leak harmful fluids like gas & oil that pollute the water and kill birds & sea creatures.

Don’t fuel jet skis in the water — gas can leak or spill and contaminate the water, harming sea life. Please fuel your recreational equipment at home.

Enjoy yourself!